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A Natural Cure for Fear and Anxiety

Our brain has divided our experience into two main categories: 1) it’s idea of “me” (what it has decided we are), and 2) it’s idea of “other” (what it has decided everything else is).

At the most basic level, you can think of your brain’s idea of “me” as your body, and your brain’s idea of “other” as everything outside your body.

Our brain is constantly trying to protect it’s idea of “me” from it’s idea of “other”. It is simply trying to keep what it has decided you are safe.

Anytime it’s idea of “other” appears to be more powerful or bigger than it’s idea of “me”, our brain will put more attention on “me” and less attention on “other” and we sometimes feel fear or anxiety.

A cure for fear or anxiety could be to actually put more attention on your brain’s idea of “other” in these situations. Simply putting more attention on the things outside your body can instantly reduce or eliminate fear and anxiety.

Try it out now if you want and discover how your feelings can shift instantly. Just for a second, put more of your attention on what’s outside your body and notice how you feel differently.

Could developing greater skill at doing this more easily, over time, cure fear and anxiety? What do you think?


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