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Book a House Concert with Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility!

Book a House Concert!

With Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility

The World’s Leading Artists in the Field of Transformational Rock Music!

Hi everyone!

As you know, I’ve been writing and recording songs about transformation for a long time now and have also had the privilege of performing many of these songs live with my favorite band ever – Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility, with Catherine Bede on keyboards and backing vocals and Mark Newton on drums and cajon. We’ve had the opportunity to perform several hundred events over the past few years and we are now very excited about taking our concerts to the next level which means involving you in a new, fun and unique way!

We have decided to bring our music directly to the people who love it most and partner with anyone inspired to join us in creating unique, fun and transformative house concert experiences that help make the world better one song and one concert at a time. The concerts are most often done on a donation basis so the focus can stay on the music, fun and transformation.

We’re sending out this email/post to find out who might be interested in hosting a house concert with us and to begin booking the first of these events. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please read the rest of this email/post and message me back and we can work out the details.

Thanks so much for being such a big part of our music and we’re looking forward to the possibility of seeing you at a house concert or upcoming event soon!

With love and all possibilities,

-Andy Harrison


Phone: 971-404-7553

Here are more details on the house concerts and how to set one up:

Why Book a House Concert?

  1. You get private concert(s) at your house

  2. You get to help create a unique, fun and transformational concert experience your friends and family will love and remember

  3. You get to work with a transformative team making the world better

What’s Involved?

  1. You host a private, one hour concert (or concerts) at your house (or other place you have access to)

  2. You invite your friends

  3. We create a unique, fun and positive experience together that helps make the world better

Where do the Concerts Happen?

  1. In your home or any place you have access to that can hold 20 or more guests

Who can be a Host?

  1. Anyone who loves our music 

  2. Anyone who is excited about hosting a house concert

  3. Anyone who can get a minimum of 20 adults to be at the concert. Not sure? Consider hosting with a friend or two.

When do the Concerts Happen?

  1. We will work with you on choosing the best date and time for your house concert. Concerts can happen any day of the week or on weekends and the time of year can vary based on our touring schedule.

How do I Book?

  1. Fill out the short House Concert form at:

  2. We’ll work with you on the details and booking your first house concert

 What if?

  1. What if we create an amazing concert experience together that has a lasting positive impact on all who attend?

  2. What if they spread that positivity to everyone they interact with?

  3. What if by doing this, we are making the world better in the most exciting ways possible now?

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