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Could it Be We Already Have the Power to Save the World Right Now?

If you’ve been feeling trapped, anxious, afraid, guilty or angry because you feel the things that you have to do are preventing you from experiencing the life you want, then you might find this quick theory on what might really be happening to you interesting.

First of all, know that you are not alone in feeling this way. It’s been estimated that close to 99% of people alive today are feeling this way to some degree. That’s about 7 billion people.

What if the main reason for us all having these feelings is that a fundamental truth about our natural capabilities has secretly been kept from us?

What if the reason that it is being kept from us is that those who know this truth have been using it against us to create the world we live in today which allows them to remain in control?

What if this fundamental truth is this: Any possibility that a human being thinks about, believes in and acts on with all their energy has to show up in physical form?

If this is true, then we should absolutely not have to feel the way we have been feeling anymore.

If this is true we can create any and all things, situations, events and feelings that we want. We can literally be, have and do anything.

If we discover that this is in fact the truth and we decide to start living with this as the guiding principle behind everything we think, believe and do now, this truth could save us all.

When we understand more about what’s wrong, we can start doing something to make it right.

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