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Did You Know There Are Only 4 Things Between You and Everything You Want?

If someone told you that the only thing separating you from everything you want is a small number of your brain’s thinking patterns, would you be curious about which patterns those are?

Well many breakthroughs in modern science are telling us exactly that.

The latest research in many fields including quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and many others have concluded that we are made up of living energy that is in no way separated from any possibility that has, could or ever will exist.

Studies have shown that the core essence of who we are is this living energy that IS all possible realities.

Research in the neurosciences has also concluded that the only reason we experience limitations of any kind is because our brains have developed habits of deleting, distorting and generalizing what we perceive.

So basically what science is telling us is that we are naturally connected to any possibility that we could ever want it’s just our brain’s that get in the way of us experiencing certain possibilities that we want to.

So if all that’s true, that the only thing between us and anything we want is a few things that our brain is doing, wouldn’t it be cool to find out if we can get our brains to stop doing this? At least to the point where we can experience more of what we want and less of what we don’t want, right?

Let’s take a look.

If we are, in our essence, this ever changing energy that is completely connected to every “thing” else that is, then our brains are simply creating fake divisions in this energy and this causes us to experience things as separated from one another.

Like when you look at a table, as soon as you perceive it your brain goes “table” and then you don’t have to do any more work to know how your body can make use of this thing.

In reality though the table is constantly exchanging energy with everything else in the room at a rate of several billion times per second.

Most people who get really good at meditation or altered states of consciousness will tell you that you can actually see this energy exchange happening with your own eyes when you are in the right state. Most of us have simply learned to completely filter that out of our perceptions though (our brains deleting process).

Studies on how infants perceive the world show that before language is learned, the brain actually does not create these fake divisions and infants perceive the energetic flow and connection between all objects.

So let’s look at the most important of these fake divisions that our brain makes – the ones that keep us from what we want:

1) First we separate ourselves out. We label our body as “me” and from then on our experience of ourselves is one that is separated from everything else. I call this our brain’s “I” box.

2) Next we separate every “thing” else by putting convenient labels on them (just like our table above). So now we experience every other thing as being completely separated from all other things (again we are filtering out the experience of energy constantly flowing from one “thing” to another). This includes objects, animals, other people etc. You can think of this division as everything that is NOT “me”. I call this our brain’s “Other” box. So as you grow up you start thinking in terms of the “Good Other” (all the stuff you want) and the “Bad Other” (all the stuff you don’t want).

3) Then we learn the concept of time and we then create another separation called “my life”. This is one big box that always holds the “I” box and also holds all the stuff from the “Other” box that you remember having already experienced and the stuff from the “Other” box that you are currently noticing.

So really the game our brain is playing only has 4 main divisions: you can think of it like your brain is constantly arranging 4 things; the “I” box, the “Good Other”, the “Bad Other” and the “My Life” box.

If you are only paying attention to your thoughts (and this has been the case for the majority of humans for all of recorded history), The way your brain arranges these 4 things at any point in your experience is what determines how you feel.

So with only these 4 things we only have a few different ways things can be arranged:

1) The “I” box has “Bad Other” in the “My Life” box.

2) The “I” box has “Good Other” in the “My Life” box.

3) The “I” box has both “Good Other” and “Bad Other” in the “My Life” box.

4) The “I” box had “Good Other” in the “My Life” box but now it doesn’t.

5) The “I” box had “Bad Other” in the “ My Life” box and now it doesn’t.

You get the idea.

So if you are having the experience right now of not having what you want, it is simply because your brain is playing out the part of the game where the “Good Other” is not in your “My Life” box right now.

If we live out our lives allowing our brains to run the entire show, then all our energy, focus and time is spent on the constant attempt to arrange and rearrange these 4 things in a more suitable way.

You may have noticed though that life doesn’t stay the same for long. No matter how well you get the 4 things arranged, it isn’t long before things are changing again.

If we are only paying attention to the activity of our brain, then life can seam like (excuse my bluntness) a constant pain in the #$%& because no matter what you do as long as you are alive, the arrangement of the 4 things always seems to be changing.

So luckily for us though, we do not have to only focus on what is happening in our brains. Luckily for us we have a SUPER POWER.

That’s right! We have the most amazing power the Earth has EVER known! This power is always with us every second of every day and can be used to not only change the arrangement of our brain’s 4 things, but when pointed in the right direction can create life long and ever deepening happiness, peace, fulfillment and any other emotion or experience you want to add to the list regardless of how the 4 things are arranged at any point.

What is this super power? It is the power of our ATTENTION. Our attention is not a function of our brain as many of us were brought up to believe. Our attention is pure awareness that is separate from our brain. That means we have the power to focus our attention and be aware of more than what is being filtered through our brain.

So in other words, we don’t always need to focus on and feel trapped in the arranging game that our brains are playing.

We can at any moment, anytime we choose to, focus our attention and become aware of what is happening beyond what is going on in our brain. We can experience what is actually happening apart from the fake divisions that our brains have created.

That means that anytime we choose to, can experience our natural connection to all possibilities simply by expending our attention to include more than just our thoughts.

One way to do this is to put more attention on how you are FEELING in any given moment. Both emotions and physical sensations (remember they’re not really separate).

If you make the feelings you are experiencing in the moment your primary focus instead of the thoughts running through your head, you are then gaining more direct access to and experiencing the living energy that we are made of flowing through your body.

If you can keep your attention primarily on the experience of how the moment is feeling without jumping up to your brain to analyze it and come to a conclusion about it, then the energy can flow freely between your body and all other possibilities.

You are not allowing your brain to get in the way.

The better you get at this, the more you might find how much you already are connected to what you want every moment. You might begin to experience things that you have labeled as “Good Other” more easily coming to you because you are no longer allowing your brain to be in the way as much.

You might also find that by focusing more of your attention on feeling, you are able to change your feeling states without anything having to happen in your circumstances first.

You can then begin to “tune” your feelings to be in alignment with the things your brain has labeled as “Good Other” if you want to.

You might find that this allows more of “Good Other” to more easily show up in your life and sometimes you might find that “Even Better Than Good Other That I Hadn’t Even Considered Before” shows up (I just made that up).

In reality, you might find that there is really only one thing ever which isn’t really a thing at all: the “What I Am Experiencing Right Now” thing (not a box or a thing in a box).

Try this simple pattern shift that might help your brain to more easily assist you in this process today:

Step 1) Fill in the blanks with your best answers regarding something that you are wanting to have happen in your life right now:

When ______________ happens I will feel ___________________.

Step 2) Now plug your answers into this new phrase:

The more I am feeling (answer 2) right now, to the best of my ability, no matter what happens, the more (answer 1) or something even better is happening.

Step 3) If it feels exciting to you, remind yourself of the new statement throughout your day and see what happens.

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