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Get F**king Happy! Class Nov 14th in Hillsboro OR

Get F**king Happy! Class

Thursday November 14th 7 -9PM

at Catherine Bede Gallery: 230 E Main Street Suite D, HIllsboro OR 97123

Cost: $20

Click here to register

Let’s Get You F**king Happy!!!

Are you experiencing one of those times where you’re feeling less than f**king happy?

Have you been looking for a way to get back to feeling f**king happy again or maybe feeling f**king happy for the first time?

Well you are definitely not alone and now you can easily and quickly do this at the Get F**king Happy class!

The Get F**king Happy Class is a class that gives you the latest tools, strategies and confidence based on the latest neuroscience to get past the bullsh*t and get yourself feeling good again in just a matter of minutes, days and weeks!

In this fun group class, we will provide you with a personalized step by step plan to discover your own best solutions to improving your experience now and anytime you want to in the future!

We’ll start with getting you feeling f**king better right now with three simple shifts science has found will change your experience immediately.

We’ll then learn how our brains create our experience and the three long term shifts you can make to stay feeling like you want and producing the results you want every day. This will include a personalized step by step plan for you to apply this to the specific bull sh*t in your life and a way to continue to find your own very best solutions to be as happy as f**king possible as things change.

You’ll come away from the class feeling empowered, more confident and f**king happier than you did before with ways to continue to make the changes you want.

Why not indulge yourself right now – after all, the class is only $20!

The class is led by entrepreneur and happiness author Andy Harrison. Andy is a licenced NLP practitioner, a Happiness Coach and author of the book “Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness” and the blog.

And no, this is not a joke – this is a completely f**king real class.

Click here to register

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