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Happiness and Success

Happiness and Success

When you ask people what they want in life, two very common answers are happiness and success. Our brains being the busy little file clerks that they are, seem to want to break apart our experience of living and put it in nice little categories. Our brains then seem to love to attach some sort of meaning, a hierarchy of importance and then the fun part – a collection of emotions (chemical releases) to go with each category.

So in this spirit of creating meaning, importance levels and feelings, consider these definitions for happiness and success.

You’ve heard these definitions of happiness and success before:

 Happiness = Knowing yourself (you know- know thy self and all that)

 Success = Continual improvement (you know the upward spiral and all that)

 But what do those definitions really mean, and how can you get them closer to being actionable? Consider these additions as possible hyperlinks to these two definitions:

 Happiness = Experiencing yourself as the process of living itself and not as a static, separated collection of thoughts.

 Success = Living between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns in every area of your life.


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