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Happiness is Separating the Energy from the Story

When we’re feeling less than happy with what is a happening and we want to feel better, we have only two main choices.

We can choose to focus on the story of what is happening, or we can choose to focus on the energy we would rather be feeling.

The story is simply the details of the stuff that is happening; the who, the what, the when, the where, the how and the what if.

When we focus only on the story, it’s easy to start feeling less happiness than we want, especially when the story isn’t happening in a way we expected or in a way that doesn’t match up with our version of how we think it should be.

The energy is the feeling experience we want. It’s simply the answer to the question:

“How would I want to be feeling now if I had the choice?”

When we focus on the energy we want more than on the story, we gain more choice about how we feel. We can start to notice that the story and the energy aren’t necessarily connected.

In other words, we can begin to see that we can choose to feel how we want to, whether the story is happening the way we expected or not. We can begin to see that our happiness is not bound to the story happening in any particular way.

We can begin to notice that being happy IS separating the energy from the story – not having the story be happy all the time.

Then we might notice how this can apply to every area of our lives:

Happiness with finances is separating the money from the work.

Happiness with people is separating the love from the relationship.

Happiness with health is separating our sense of vitality from our body.

Happiness with our art is separating the excitement of creating from what we are creating.


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