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Hope: The Silent Creator of Fear

Have you been looking for a way to eliminate worry, stress or anxiety about something in your life?

Have you tried a bunch of different things only to have the feelings not improve or come back, sometimes even stronger?

Well you are definitely not alone and one of the reasons this happens to all of us at times is what I’m calling the silent creator of fear: hope.

It’s because Inside our heads, hope and fear are actually the same thing. Hope and fear are nothing more than the expectation that something will complete us in some way; we imagine that a particular situation or circumstance will at some point complete the picture of ourselves.

Hope is when it’s looking likely. Fear is when it’s not.

The only way to eliminate fear (worry, stress or anxiety) about a situation is to eliminate the expectation that some version of it (the situation changing in a particular way) will complete us in some way.

In other words, the only way to eliminate fear is to give up hope.

I know this sounds like bad news, but it’s really not. It’s actually the best news ever!

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