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How the World is Controlled and What You Can Do About It

The human brain has developed a seemingly unquenchable addiction to certainty. If left on it’s own, it will always try to take the easiest and fastest route to any circumstance where you can feel certain, safe and secure.

This is a dis function.

The elite few who run the majority of the systems under which most human activity operates, also have this dis function. The only difference between them and the majority of people, is that they have learned about this dis function and have designed their systems to capitalize on it.

They understand that we can never know for sure what will happen next so in reality, the closest thing we can have to total certainty is the commitment to putting everything to the test, and then continuing to do that every day for as long as we live.

The one thing that has given these elites their main sense of certainty is the fact that the majority of people do not understand this dis function and will always choose the easiest and fastest route to feeling certain, safe and secure.

So all the elites have to do is create circumstances in which the choices they want the majority of people to make, appear to the masses as being the easiest and fastest route to certainty, safety and security.

They also know that people understanding and choosing to break free of this dis function is the end of their control over the direction humanity goes and the end of their sense of certainty, security and safety.

This is the epic battle that we are in right now – the battle between our true selves and our brain’s addiction to certainty – which very well could be the battle between our own survival as a species and our brain’s addiction to certainty.


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