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How to Deal With Stuff

Neuroscientists are discovering that the happiest people have the habit of focusing their attention on different things than most people.

Research is showing that this habit not only allows these people to experience greater and longer periods of peace, unity and happiness, but it also creates physical changes to the structure of their brains.

These changes make staying happier for longer easier to do for these people than being unhappy. It literally becomes easier for them to be happy than to not be, even when they are experiencing challenging moments.

In my research on this and through discovering ways to make these habits more actionable for people, I’m discovering that we can begin to create this habit for ourselves simply by shifting our focus from focusing primarily on stuff, to focusing more on energy.

Stuff is all the matter in our lives; all the things, people, places , events, situations and ideas that we deal with everyday. Most of us put all or most of our focus only on stuff.

Energy is the alive, moving element that gives life and motion to all the stuff. Most of us can’t normally see this energy under normal conditions, but scientist have been able to measure the orbs of energy that flow through and surround every human body and all other things.

It’s being revealed that the happiest people focus on the energy more often than on the stuff.

We can most easily experience this energy simply by noticing how we are feeling, both physically and emotionally, in any given moment.

I’m finding that putting slightly more than 50% of our focus on the energy rather than on the stuff, allows us to be at our most alive, productive and happy.

There’s a simple exercise you can do that takes less than 10 minutes, that will begin to create this habit for you automatically.

I have personally researched this exact exercise for over two years, both using it and not using it, and I will say that it can double or triple levels of consistent happiness in a very short period of time.

I would love to share this excise with you (for free) if you are interested. Just message me on Facebook or email me at: and let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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