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How to Discover Your Effortless Success

What if living our perfect life was effortless? What if having what we want, doing what we are most excited about doing and being the person we most want to be was completely effortless and fun? What if the process of allowing it all to happen was easy, fun and totally exciting? What if life is actually designed to feel effortless and exciting all the time?

When we are open to considering this, the next question is, if so, then how?

What if the only thing that stops life from being effortless and exciting all the time is a simple lack of awareness of what is true? What if any time life feels less than effortless, it is completely because our attention has gotten focused on an idea that is not true? What if by simply bringing more awareness to any situation that doesn’t feel effortless and exciting, we can discover what is true and this automatically allows life to be effortless and exciting again? What if this works in every area of life?

If this idea feels exciting to you, read on to discover a simple 3 step process to allowing your effortless success to continue even easier.

Step 1) Notice when you are not allowing effortless success to happen.

This is the most crucial step and is the beginning of bringing more awareness to your experience. If any of the 5 things below are happening for any situation, chances are you could be experiencing more effortless success with it.

If what to do next is not clear

If what is happening does not feel effortless and exciting

If you are afraid that what is happening might limit you

If you are trying to either force a change to happen, get away from the situation, or you are giving up what you want

If you are not excited about any of the choices you seam to have in the situation

Step 2) Discover the untrue assumption that is keeping your awareness from what is true.

Fill in the blanks with your best answer for the situation:

A) “I am afraid that ____________________  might or will limit me.”

B) “I am assuming (fill in the same thing you put in the first blank) has the power to limit who I am.

Step 3) Let go of the untrue assumption and bring awareness to the truth.

A)  Discover what is true. Fill in the blank and say to yourself:

“(whatever you filled in the blanks for the last question) does not have the power to limit who I am.”

B) Ask yourself: “How would it feel to be absolutely certain that (whatever you filled in the blanks for the last question) does not have the power to limit who I am?”

Allow yourself to feel what it would feel like to live with knowing this.


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