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How to Eliminate all Bad in your Life in One Step

We create all the bad in our life by labeling things as good.

As soon as you label something as good, you have just created it's opposite - bad.

It's like when you are making cookies from scratch using a cookie cutter. You have a slab of cookie dough flattened out on the table and that's all there is to start with - no cookies, just potential cookies. Once you use the cookie cutter and cut out your first cookie from the slab of dough, you have just created a cookie AND you've also created the NOT cookie which is the rest of the dough. You could view the rest of the dough as more potential cookies or as waste to throw away but in cutting out a cookie, you have defined what both a cookie and not a cookie is. You have created both a cookie and it's opposite - not a cookie.

It's like that with all the stuff in our life. There's really just a slab of stuff on our table in the form of all the constantly changing events, people, circumstances etc that happen. By itself, that slab of stuff is neither good or bad, it just is. It's only when we take our cookie cutter (the labeling part of our brain) and cut out our first cookie (something we label as "good") out of this slab of what's happening that we begin to experience things as better or worse, as good or bad. As soon as we label something as "good" we've also created what is "not good": we've created not only something we experience as good but also something we could experience as bad, which is anytime we might not be able to experience this good thing.

Unlike the rest of the cookie dough, we can't always just throw out the bad and keep the good because more stuff is always coming.

The only way to eliminate bad is to stop labeling things as good. When we do this, we get to experience the peace that comes from not having life be huge ups and downs of good and bad all the time. We discover life is always just one big slab of cookie dough that we don't need to cut up to enjoy no matter what happens. We can just stick in all in the oven and enjoy how our whole life is always one big delicious cookie!

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