How to Eliminate Problems

A problem is anytime something happens that you don’t like and that you doubt whether you can do anything to change – you doubt whether you are at cause with it or not.

When you don’t doubt that you are at cause with something, whatever happens with it is never a problem, it’s just a situation that you are dealing with – it’s something that you are at cause in changing.

You can eliminate all your problems for the rest of your life if you define yourself as:

“I am nothing less than the total cause of everything I experience.”

Then everything you experience will be either things that are close enough to what you want to not need changing, or things that you are changing.

You might be amazed to discover how much information about how to change something you have been overlooking simply by assuming you couldn’t.

Then you can truly say: “I don’t have problems, I just have some things that I’m changing right now.”

The next time you think you are having a problem, try asking yourself:

“How am I choosing to define myself now?”

And then try on this definition and see what happens:

“I am nothing less than the total cause of everything I experience.”

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