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How to Get “There”

What if our best life is unfolding every day?

What if everything that is the absolute best thing for us is already attempting to enter our our experience every moment?

What if the only thing keeping us from letting it all happen is us getting distracted from noticing it through our attention being sucked into our pre imagined story that is happening inside our heads about what we think should happen and how we think things should unfold?

What if simply setting our attention free from the story being played out in our heads and giving ourselves permission to take a break from having to either build this story or keep it going in a certain way allows us to notice that our best life ever is already happening?

What if the right feeling, the right idea and the right circumstance is waiting for you just beyond the story?

What if “there” is really “here” minus the story?

What if you got curious enough to simply try out letting go of building or maintaining the story just for one day and instead you simply decided to notice what shows up?


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