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How to Get What You Want 2 + New Song “Anything At All”

I’ll be playing this Saturday evening August 17th sometime between 7:30 and 9PM with the Forest Grove All Stars Band at the Forest Grove Uncorked event in downtown Forest Grove. Come out and join us!

Here’s a song called “Anything At All” from the upcoming CD Demo-licious Volume 2 coming out next week! The song is about the power that our beliefs have to shape our experience and that simply by changing what we believe IS what changes the world we experience. Check out the awesome backing vocals of Catherine Bede!

Science has proven that we are made of the same energy that everything else is and that there is literally no separation between us and anything we can perceive.

We only have the experience of being separated from other things because of the learned perceptual filters that our brains develop over the course of our growing up.

In reality, the world is simply a mass of moving energy in which what we perceive as being separated “things” are continuously exchanging energy.

What that means for us in our day to day lives is that the things that we want to have as part of our experience in life are always available because they are never separate from us; they are actually part of the same energy that we are made of.

So if we are not experiencing something that we want in our lives it is only because they are being filtered out of our experience so that we are not noticing that they are a part of us and readily available right now and always.

So it is completely possible to have anything that you want show up in your experience simply by removing or changing this filtering process.

In fact it is impossible for something not to show up in your experience if it is no longer being filtered out of your experience because it is simply part of the same energy you are part of and there is no real separation between you and it. So what is this filtering process and how do we remove or change it so that we can get what we want?

The filtering process happens inside our brains and it simply works to create the illusion that there is a “you” and an “it” (whatever it is that you want).

When we believe this illusion of separation to be an accurate map of the way things are, we experience exactly that: “I” am here and “it” is not here. So we experience a reality in which the idea of “me” does not have “it”.

If we broaden our view of how things really are and include the information already mentioned here regarding the world being a mass of moving energy with no separate “things” in it, then we can start to understand the possibility of how we might be able to allow what we want into our experience simply by no longer keeping it away from ourselves.

We can see that simply in the act of wanting something, we are actually keeping it away because we are believing that there is a “me” and an “it” and the more we continue to prop up that illusion the more we experience the false separation between what we think of as “us” and “it”.

If we instead focus on the energy behind both “it” and “us” and make the connection on the level of energy, then we are making a real connection between what we think of as “us” and “it”.

We experience energy primarily through our feelings and not through our thoughts.

Our thoughts are where the illusion of separation is created but if we bypass the brain and focus our attention on the feelings behind what we think of as “it” and “us”, then we are actually making a real connection with what we think of as “it” and we are already bringing “it” into our experience.

What we think of as “it” may not be present in the physical sense in that moment that we are first creating an energetic connection, but scientifically speaking, we have made an actual real connection to it because we are connecting with the energy behind the illusion; what really exists.

If we maintain this energetic connection of feeling, then what ever “it” is will have no choice but to show up in our actual physical experience OR something different that is a better representation of the energy we are feeling will show up.

Often times we have an idea about what “it” is and we think it would feel a certain way if it was in our lives, but many times there is something even better that we had not considered that is a better representation of that energy for us.

As long as we focus on the energy itself, then the best representation of that energy for us will show up. It has no choice but to show up.

Here is a simple 3 step process that I developed to help you make an energetic connection with what you want most and to begin allowing “it” or something even better into your experience.

Step 1) Write down your answer to the following question:

What do you want most?

What ever you wrote down, now make it into a present tense, process statement by using “I am” at the beginning and by adding “ing” to any other verbs. For example if you wrote:

“To make a gazillion dollars”, you would rewrite this as: “I am making a gazillion dollars.”

Step 2) Write down your answer to this question:

“How would you feel if you already had this?”

Write down as many feelings that you think of.

For our example here let’s use: awesome, exhilarated, creative and free

Step 3) Now plug your answers into the following phrase:

“The more I am feeling (your answer #2) no matter what happens, the more (your answer to #1) or something even better is happening.”

So using our example answers, the statement would be:

“The more I am feeling awesome, exhilarated, creative and free no matter what happens, the more I am making a gazillion dollars or something even better is happening.”

Read your statement back to yourself. How does it feel?

This is your formula for making an energetic connection with what you want most in your life. The specific set of feelings you wrote down as your answer #2 is the precise energetic formula that will allow whatever “it” is OR something even better into your experience.

You already have access to this experience right now and can feel the energy anytime you want to. Your brain has simply been filtering out the experience of it by believing that “you” were somehow separate from an “it” that needed to happen before you could feel the experience.

Many times the opposite is true: you have to experience the energetic feeling connection first before any “it” can show up in your life.

Try this out, see what you feel and see what shows up!


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