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How to Instantly Know What’s Important and What’s Not

If what’s most important to you in life is to always be as happy as possible AND to simultaneously always experience the best possible circumstances, then this goal automatically creates a priority list of what is important for you to care about and what is not.

If this is our goal, and we continue to pursues it, we discover that one of the requirements to making it happen is that we always make the ongoing process of continually creating optimal conditions in our life more important than any one result or event that ever happens in our life.

We can never know what will happen so it is impossible for us to ever guarantee any result. We can guarantee that we will keep creating optimal conditions though, no matter what happens, and this is where our power to effect change in our life really is.

You might discover your job is never to guarantee any result (because that is literally impossible). Your job is to keep creating optimal conditions so that the best results can naturally happen however they do.

Once we are clear on this, then it can be very easy to instantly know how important anything that happens in our life is:

What happens is only as important as it helps you stay excited about continuing to create optimal conditions.

So in other words, care about what happens only as much as it is helping you stay excited about continuing to create optimal conditions in every area of your life.

So in your life right now, how important is money? How important are certain people? How important is your health? How important is doing what you love?

If what’s most important to us is to always be as happy as possible AND to simultaneously experience the best circumstances as possible, then all of the things above have the perfect amount of importance in our life that can become really clear when we remember what our job really is.


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