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How to Know Everything (or at least the answer you are looking for right now)

How useful would it be to you to have a way to know the most accurate and up to date answer to any question that you may be struggling to find?

How useful would it be to be able to know things that would be incredibly helpful to know but that you don’t even know that they are important yet?

How useful would it be to have a way to stop the spinning thoughts that cause most anxiety or depression and replace them with inspiration?

One of the main goals of science since the days of Archimedes on through Einstein and beyond, has been to know everything. In fact there is a term for this idea called the Theory of Everything (or ToE) that describes how scientist are viewing the process of their attempt to understand how everything in the universe works.

Scientist continue to create new theories, and at present have yet to discover one that has proven to be complete according to science.

I’d like to suggest a few ideas about how it may be possible for us to know “everything” (or at least everything that is important for us to know now) on a more practical level without having to wait for the scientific formulas to line up.

There are a few assumptions that I’m not sure current theories of everything are looking at. Please let me know if I’m wrong about this.

Scientists have to be assuming that:

  1. There is an “everything”

  2. There is an “us” that is separate from this everything and

  3. That this separate “us” can know this “everything”

What if these assumptions are just the brains’ limited interpretations of what is actually happening?

If everything is always changing (also an agreed upon scientific idea), then as soon as we “know” something, then in the next moment, what we know is outdated information.

Also, as soon as our brain thinks we know something, what does it do? It stops looking for an answer.

So the questions really become, is it possible to know anything for more than a nanosecond? And could the very act of knowing itself be the thing that stops us from continuing to know (which would be actually knowing)?

So the paradox is, that the way to know everything is to never think we know anything, because that is the only way our brain will remain open to the process of ongoing knowing.

So in practical terms, we can think of it as: the key to knowing anything and everything is to be willing to be here without knowing.

Simply be willing to be here without knowing.

If we are willing to be here without knowing, we remain open to knowing everything as it is happening now – the only way we can really know anything.

In my experience so far, this is not just playing with language, this really works! I’ve had more incredibly “perfect” ideas and insights happen as a result of doing this than maybe anything else. One of the keys, I think, is once you get an initial “aha!” moment, stay open to the willingness to be here without knowing because that initial “aha!” may be only the beginning of a much larger and broader insight. Again, the key is to continue to be willing to be here without knowing.

So the next time you are struggling to find the perfect answer, are battling with feeling stressed or down or just simply have a moment of free time, try simply being willing to be here without knowing, and discover what might be here to “know” now.

Let me “know” what happens for you!


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