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How to Make Stuff Happen: The 5 Steps to Create Any Result You Want in Your Life

Through doing research for my next book on happiness, I discovered that happiness can be seen as existing on 5 different levels. To explain this idea, I developed the BLISS formula as a simple way of understanding the 5 levels.

I’ve continued to use the BLISS formula in pretty much all areas of my life and it continues to amaze me how practical it can be and how many different things you can apply it to.

Today I’m excited to share how you can use the BLISS formula as a template to create any result you want in your life.

As you read this version of the 5 Step BLISS formula, think of a result that you’d like to have happen in your life. It can be any kind of result, big or small, in any area of your life. Imagine how you might apply each step to allowing and creating the result you are thinking about.

Step 1: Believe it’s possible

In order for you to guarantee a result happening in your life, you have to believe it’s possible. Otherwise you will not have access to the right energy and information required to do your part in it happening. If you don’t completely believe it’s possible for you yet, simply stay open to the possibility that it might be and continue to the next step knowing that once you fully believe it’s possible for you, it becomes possible for you.

Step 2: Learn the formula

Behind you getting any consistent result in your life is a formula that can be measured. While life is full of both mystery and math, the math behind consistent results can be discovered. In this step you are simply eliminating all the choices except for the ones that work the absolute best to create the result you want. We now live in a world full of information so this step is easier than ever before.

Step 3: Identify yourself as the one in charge of making sure it happens

Once you know the formula, getting the result you want is simply a matter of making sure enough correct repetitions happen. This is true in every area of life. In this step, you want to see yourself as the one who is in charge of making sure enough correct repetitions of your formula happen. Without this step, it can be easy to try to give this responsibility to someone or something else. Even when you believe something is possible and know the formula for making it happen, without being the one in charge of making sure enough repetitions happen, you are leaving it up to chance. Once you do take on that responsibility though, you are 3/5ths of the way to guaranteeing that it will happen!

Step 4: Systematize it

The easiest way to make sure enough correct repetitions of your formula happen is to create a system that guarantees that they happen. A system is simply a sequence of steps and a schedule that create a consistent result. You have a system for lot’s of things in your life already that you use everyday to get the results you have now. In this step you are simply making a list of steps and a schedule that will guarantee that enough correct repetitions of your formula happen.

Step 5: See the benefit in everything that happens

As you continue to run your system, you can allow everything that happens to refine both your result and how it can happen. As you keep going, you might discover an even more exciting result than the one you initially wanted to create and/or you might discover more effortless ways to allow it to happen. No matter what happens over time, when you look for it, you can find a benefit that will help you create more exciting results with less effort.

Thanks for reading!


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