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How to Make Your Job, Relationship, Health, or Living Your Purpose More Effortless and Exciting

Have you been wishing your job, your relationship, your health or being able to live more in line with your purpose felt less like a struggle and more effortless and fun?

Well if so, you are definitely not alone. All of us feel this way about some area or areas of our lives at different times in our lives.

Check out this simple formula you can use to immediately begin changing your experience of anything.

Think about the thing in your life you’d most like to experience changing right now and read the following statement:

If the process doesn’t always feel effortless and exciting, you are expecting a result (or results) from the process to change your energy. Let go of expecting any result from the process to change your energy, choose to feel the energy you want now and always no matter what is happening, and the process will always feel effortless and exciting.

For example, if going to work isn’t fun, you are trying to get some result from going to work (maybe a paycheck, your title etc) to make you happier. If you choose instead to let go of expecting the result of going to work (a paycheck, your title etc) to ever make you feel happier, and you instead choose to feel happier now no matter what happens at work, then the process will begin to always feel effortless and fun.

From this perspective, all choices available to you become more obvious and you can see that there are only ever better or worse choices, none of which you need in order to feel how you want now and always.

Thanks for choosing to be you!


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