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How to Make Your Life Perfect Forever: The Ultimate life Strategy

Don't try to change anything or avoid anything changing. Things are always doing nothing but changing so you never have to try to change them and we can never avoid them changing. All you can do is notice how they are changing and appreciate the entire process. The only thing that creates unwanted changes and a lack of ease is you thinking you are the one doing the changing or that you are the one who has to be doing the changing or that you are in charge of the changing or that you can understand or predict the changing. The idea that you can be the one doing the changing is the only thing that creates what you call problems. That idea is literally the only problem in the whole world.

Don't try to:




Do or

Have anything other than what happens

The only job is to let the energy keep flowing.

Ask: "How is it perfect already? What could I stop doing to allow it to be even more exciting now?"

Do less and get more.

Maximum energy flow is the goal of all doing.

If something's not working discover what you can stop doing to allow the energy to flow more in that situation.

What energy's flowing now?

The only thing that makes something imperfect is the thought that it isn't perfect how it is.

The world is always perfect as it is with billions of people in it who are thinking it isn't. The only problem with the world is the thinking that there's a problem.

You can never make anything perfect you can only let it be what it is and notice that it is already perfect in whatever form it is in now.

Your life is perfect to the degree you are not trying to change it.

The less you are trying to change your life the more perfect it is.

The only way you "make" something perfect is by not trying to change it.

How to Make Your Life Perfect Forever: The ultimate life strategy: Whenever something happens that you don't like, stop trying to change it and watch it "become" perfect. The faster you stop trying to change it, the faster it will be perfect.

You never make anything perfect, you only make things imperfect by trying to change them.

Maybe enlightenment is nothing more than realizing you are not and can never be in charge of changing anything.

Enlightenment is freedom from the idea that you are in charge of changing things.

Maybe all you have to do to be enlightened is notice you can never change anything and that that is a good thing. Maybe trying to change things is the only thing that ever takes you out of heaven.

We're nothing but space and love experiencing the inaccurate thought that we can, must and do change things. In reality, that thought is simply inaccurately taking ownership of the process of nature continually changing all things.

Your job is not to change anything here. You can never change anything, you can only let it be what it is and notice how it is always perfect in whatever form it's in now and notice how it is and will always be changing perfectly. This is heaven on Earth.

The recognition that "I can't ever change anything and I never have to change anything" is enlightenment and pure happiness. It is being released from the prison of your mind and from the burden of a lifetime of hard endless labor.

The thought sequence of becoming unenlightened:

  1. I can change things.

  2. I have to change things in order to survive.

  3. How can I best change things in order to survive?

  4. Every other thought that follows

All these thoughts are untrue.

The process through which people become enlightened is they live with the assumption that they can change things long enough that they experience enough suffering from all the times when it doesn't work that they finally see "the light".Then they reach the conclusion that they can't change anything and experience a grieving of the loss of that thought, then they realize how much less of a burden it is to not have to change things. Then they experience how much better life is and how much easier things happen without thinking that they can change anything and trying to change things all the time.

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