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How to Manifest Wealth Decoded

If money is simply stored energy, then energy is true wealth.

Your attention is your power to direct and thus invest energy (or true wealth).

The higher quality your attention is, the greater the investment is and the higher the returns can be.

Appreciation is a higher quality of attention than non appreciation. When you “appreciate” something, you are investing a high quality of attention in it. When someone “appreciates” you, you feel the difference in their investment and you feel more valuable. It works the same when you “appreciate” someone or something else.

The more high quality attention or “appreciation” you are directing (or investing) right now in the present moment, the higher your returns can be in the future.

In other words, the more you are “paying” attention to and appreciating what’s happening right now in your life, the better your future is becoming right now.

It’s important to know that it’s not that important what particular stuff you are investing in, it’s simply important that you continue to invest. All stuff is simply energy showing up in different forms. Energy can take on any form and the forms change over time in relation to how much and what quality level your investing is. You might invest for a long time in a particular thing and never see a return. Then you might get a huge return from some other thing without seemingly having invested anything. This is because every “thing” is connected by the one energy that everything is made of (true wealth) and that one energy is what you are investing in, not in any one particular thing.

Knowing this, our best investment strategy is to “appreciate” everyone and everything that we experience as much as possible and to not expect a return from any one particular person or thing, remembering the more we appreciate, the wealthier we are.

But what about taking action? Take the actions that naturally come from appreciating someone, something or some opportunity and you’ll always know what to do and how much.

We are all made of wealth (attention and energy). Invest wisely and you will “appreciate” your future!


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