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How to Overcome Any Challenge: Love it More

When we experience a challenge in any part of our life: with money, with relationships, with our health,  with time, with direction, etc., what is the cause of the challenge?

Think of something in your life that you think could be going better right now and consider this answer: the cause of the challenge is that you are not loving it enough.

Whatever you think of as the challenging situation, consider that the complete cause of it being a challenge to you right now is that you are not loving the situation enough.

So what is love and how do we love something more (especially when it’s challenging)?

Consider this answer: love is nothing more than attention without judgement.

Love is simply focusing on something without judging it or yourself. Simply focusing on something (anything) without judging it or yourself (having thoughts about what it means or what you are) creates the experience of appreciating it. Keep focusing on it a little longer or more often without judgement and a deepening of that appreciation naturally grows into the experience of love.

Think about it. This is the same thing that happens with parents and their newborn children, the same thing that happens with many people with their pets, and the same thing that happens with many people and an activity they love to do. In focusing on the child, the pet or the activity without judgement, they also loose the judgement of themselves and love is the natural result.

So love is not something we do, it is something we stop doing (judging) when focusing on something.

So the cause of any challenge in your life is: You are not focusing on it without judgement of it or yourself enough.

Think again about the situation in your life. How might your experience of it change if you tried focusing on it without judging it or yourself more?

You might discover that your judgement itself is what created and maintained the situation being how it was.

Try it out and see what happens :-).

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