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How to Run Your Brain for Maximum Happiness

As our brain develops, it begins to make three inaccurate assumptions that can severely limit our happiness every day of our lives. When we notice these assumptions and decide to experiment with living without them, we can triple our levels of daily happiness or even better.

These three assumptions are just thought patterns that get repeated so many times that they become a habit of us picturing the world in away that often feels less than how we want. It’s like our life is an ongoing, endless universe of possibilities and these assumptions have put a tiny picture frame around them so we only ever notice a very small amount of what’s possible, and the possibilities we do notice, we often times give them a less than accurate meaning that makes us feel less happiness than we want to.

The three assumptions are:

I am not yet complete as I am now

Things are less than perfect as they are now

Something must change in order for me to feel how I want

Most of us have woken up everyday for many years with every thought about what might happen that day being filtered through these three assumptions.

It’s as if these three assumptions have cast us in a life long movie and focused all our attention on it. The movie could be titled: “My Impossible Project of Trying to Complete Me in an Imperfect World Where I Always Have to Try to Get Things to Change in Certain Ways.”

What if we started to question these assumptions and began to explore whether they were true or not?

What if we have actually already finished the project of completing ourselves and we just never noticed? What if we don’t have to be any different than we are now to feel complete?

What if everything that is happening in our life right now is actually the perfect thing exactly as it is?

What if nothing has to change in any particular way ever in order for us to feel however we want for the rest of our life?

What if we found a way to wake up each day and notice:

I am complete as I am now

Things are perfect as they are now, and

Nothing has to change in order for me to feel how I want right now

How would it feel to begin each day experiencing things like this?

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