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How to Solve All Your Problems in 2 (Simple) Steps

How do you know when you have a problem?

You know it because you feel bad right? Think about it. When is the last time you’ve ever had a problem and not felt bad at the point you knew it was a problem? Never, right?

So the same rule applies to know when you no longer have a problem doesn’t it? If you no longer feel bad about a situation it is no longer a problem for you, wouldn‘t you agree?

The reason this is the case is that it is not the situation itself that is a problem for us – it is the meaning our brain gives a situation that turns it into a problem for us.

No situation EVER has the power to be a problem for us on it’s own.

No matter what the situation is, it is the process of our brain attaching a meaning to a situation that turns it into a problem and thus makes us feel bad.

The steps look like this:

Step 1) A situation happens Step 2) Our brain gives it the meaning that this is a problem Step 3) We feel bad

How your brain does this is as follows:

Your brain is always asking 2 questions about every situation: 1) What does this mean? and

2) What do I do?

Your brain has specific unconscious answers to these questions about certain types of situations.

Anytime a situation appears like one of these types of situations, your brain gets out its label maker and slaps on the word “problem” onto the situation and then BAM – you feel bad.

This is what’s called a stimulus response reaction where you are usually not aware that your brain is creating the meaning, you just become aware of feeling bad about the situation

The way you can eliminate all your problems all at once is to decide ahead of time what meaning your brain will give ALL situations.

Rather than wait for a particular event to occur and then having your brain go into it’s unconscious reactive pattern giving the situation the meaning of a problem, you can decide ahead of time what ALL situations mean, whatever they are and then your brain will have a new more empowering meaning to give to every situation.

You can decide now how your brain will answer the 2 questions about all situations and make the answers ones that will empower you to get the most from the situation.

Here are 2 suggestions:

What does this mean? This is the best opportunity to explore and discover more of who I am right now.

What do I do? Do the most exciting option.

My upcoming DVD called “Reality Design” goes into more specifics on exactly how to apply this.

Here’s a song I wrote today called “The Vertical Line”

Peace, Love and All Possibilities!


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