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How to Solve Any Problem

The solution to every problem: Stop trying to use the circumstance to complete yourself.

You doing this IS the problem.

The underlying problem behind every problem is that you are trying to use the circumstance to complete yourself in some way. When you do this, you create expectations around what is happening that severely limit your access to most of the available solutions to the problem.

Instead of staying open to all available solutions, you focus only on the select few ways things can happen that you have decided will complete you in the way you want. Your brain creates rules about what, where, when, with whom and how things must happen. This prevents you from noticing most of the available options that could easily and quickly solve the problem.

Your ego’s “why” to solve the problem of: “I need to solve this so I can complete myself”, is the main barrier to most available solutions.

By refusing to allow your ego to expect the circumstance to complete you, you eliminate the main barrier to all possible solutions and you gain access to them.

Find a way to stop expecting the circumstance to complete you and you find your best possible solutions.

You have the power to solve any problem because you have the power to stop expecting any circumstance to complete you in any way.

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