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How to Take Over the Planet in 7 Easy Steps

How to Take Over the Planet in 7 Easy Steps

By Andy Harrison

Imagine you were 7 years old and your mom told you that you couldn’t have any of the cookies that were in the jar on top of the fridge. You really wanted the cookies so you decided you would create a plan to get the cookies anyway.

The What

You first step was to get your mom to focus on something else while you were stealing the cookies so you had one of your friends call on the phone and keep her busy with a prank call while you snuck into the kitchen.

The Why

The next step was to come up with a cover story to explain what you were doing in the event you got caught during any step of the process (going into the kitchen, climbing up to on top of the fridge, carrying the cookies away etc). You decided you would tell your mom that you were creating a care package to give to a homeless family that you heard about on the news (she’d have to go for that- who would get in trouble for being so altruistic?).

The Who

You also decided to invent a scapegoat to explain who took the cookies in the event that you didn’t get caught in the act. You decided you would blame your younger brother and you made a plan to take one of the cookies and crumble it up in his room to leave damaging evidence.

The When

You would also needed to make sure that your scapegoat story was plausible by making sure your younger brother had plenty of opportunities to steal the cookies so you made sure to call your mom out of the kitchen several times the day before, leaving your brother alone near the cookies.

The How

You also needed to make sure it was plausible that your younger brother could actually steal the cookies. Knowing that he wasn’t tall enough to climb up on the counter to get to the top of the fridge, you made sure you left the step stool out near by.


Also in the event that you didn’t get caught in the act, you would need an alibi for where you were during your younger brother’s supposed theft of the cookies. You already had this covered from the many times you had called your mom away from the kitchen the day before.


Just to ensure that your cover stories worked, you convinced your older sister to go along with your plan by offering to give her some of the cookies. You got her to back up your stories by saying that she saw your younger brother with what looked like chocolate on his face the day of the supposed robbery.

So now you work your plan and you get the cookies.

So how did this work? It worked because you made sure to cover all the questions that would come up – the what, the why, the who, the when, the how and the where. You had a plausible fake answer for each of these questions. Then you had someone else back up your fake story.

As long as humans have plausible answers to these questions (or sometimes just a few of them) about an event, they can believe a given story.

You’ll notice that even though you had planned out answers for all the questions, in reality you probably would only need to use a few of them to get away with stealing the cookies.

Now imagine you are all grown up and part of a small group of people who wish to steal control of the planet. Using the same 7 point plan you used when you were 7 years old, what would you do?

The What

You would get the people who would be apposed to your plan to focus on something else while you were in the process of stealing control of the planet. (News and entertainment from the main stream media which you control)

The Why

You would create a cover story for why you were doing what you are doing in case you get caught in the act. You would spin this story to make you out to look altruistic. (United Nations Agenda 21)

The Who

You would invent scapegoats to take the blame for the events. (Terrorism, global warming, over population)

The When

You would make sure your scapegoats had ample opportunity to be the cause of the events. By choosing mostly concepts (i.e. terrorism, global warming, over population) instead of specific people, the scapegoats themselves can’t be questioned. You simply get people to buy into the concept and that’s it.

The How

You would make sure it seamed plausible for your scapegoats to actually be able to create the reason for the planet being stolen. (False flag terror attacks, fake statistics from “experts”)

The Where

Also in the event that you didn’t get caught in the act, you would need an alibi for where you were during the time when the planet was stolen. You would need to keep yourself out of the public eye by focusing people’s attention on someone else. (presidents, congress, world “leaders”)

Back Up

Just to ensure that your cover stories worked, you would need to have others back up your story. (paid “experts”)

You would need to control as much of what people heard and saw as possible. (control of the main stream media  and S.O.P.A. and now C.I.S.P.A. to take control of the internet)

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