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Is Political Correctness an Attempt to Cut Our Resources Off at the Source?

Is political correctness an attempt to cut our resources off at the source?

For us to continually create the lives we want, and to have the things we want, we must first believe that we deserve it. We must be able to consistently access the energy – the feeling – that we are worthy of that life and those things.

From that energy – that feeling – we can then gain access to the right information that can allow us to know what to do and then to take the right actions that can result in the life and the things we want coming into physical existence.

Without access to the feeling that we are worthy of a result, we will rarely ever achieve it, and most certainly can’t sustain it if we do.

Could the culture of increasing political correctness being presented through the media, be an attempt to strip every sector of humanity of taking the first step in having more?

Could it be an attempt to make no one feel deserving and worthy enough, for long enough, to create and sustain having more of the things they want by using every social group against every other to the point that no matter what social category you fall in, there is a different social group with the mindset and the incentive to tell you, you are not worthy of having too much?

Could this be physiological warfare being used in a takeover of all the resources and human rights on the planet – beginning with the most precious – your belief in your own worthiness to have more resources and rights?

Whatever the answer is, we can decide now that we will not allow the culture of political correctness to work against our own ability to create the lives we want.

We can decide now to develop new habits that will empower us to create the lives we want regardless of the negative effects, whether they are conscious attacks or not, of any social climate we might find ourselves in.

Whether you are Asian, Black, White or Purple. Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jew or Animist. Whether you are Gay, Straight, Transgender, Both Genders or No Gender. Whatever group or groups you fall in, we can all decide to give ourselves the gift of growing one belief in our minds:

“I always deserve to feel worthy of having the circumstances I want, whether I have them in this moment or not.”

Repeating this phrase to yourself 10 times a day for 10 days, or simply deciding right now that this is how it’s gonna be, can be a tremendous leap towards growing and maintaining your most valuable resource – your own natural ability to create the life you want no matter what conditions you find yourself in.


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