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Is This The Model for Ultimate Happiness: THERE'S ONLY ONE THING?

What if what we are IS happiness and having the experience of finding and maintaining happiness is simply about eliminating what's in the way of us experiencing what we already are?

What if all that's in the way are our thoughts about what life is?

The core message of many spiritual gurus has been that our level of happiness is directly related to how little we are thinking. If you experiment with meditative states, you can discover how true this is: the less thinking that is happening the more happiness you feel.

When we experience moments without thinking, we experience life directly without any words or concepts in the way and we get to experience a much clearer and more accurate view of what really exists and what doesn't. Many people have written about these experiences as being one with everything or noticing the unity of all things.

We've all heard these ideas before but it's rare for most people to experience life this way on a regular basis. But what if there was a way to put this into words to help the brain experience daily life like this more often and more easily?

Try this out if your interested and let me know what you experience.

What if in reality THERE'S ONLY ONE THING that includes what the human brain labels as these four things:

I/Me + What I Want + The Source of All Creation + Clarification that this is True

What if the above 4 things are all the same one thing which is the only thing that exists and our brain has just been inaccurately separating them out? So there's no separation or difference between what my brain thinks is me, what I want, the source of all creation, and the clarification that this is true.

What if what appears to us as separate from the one thing IS the process of clarifying that this is true. So in other words, any time we experience something that we think of as not me, not what I want and not the source of all creation, what we are experiencing is the clarification that there's only one thing that includes Me = What I Want = The Source of All Creation.

We will experience this as either suffering or insight depending on whether we are resisting what is or accepting what is.

If we resist what is (noticing that there's only one thing), then we suffer. If we accept what is (noticing that there's only one thing), then we get the insight that this is true and/or we experience peace, love and joy.

If it's really true that THERE'S ONLY ONE THING that is a combination of what our brain labels as Me, What I Want, and the Source of All Creation, then we can conclude that we can never really experience anything that is not us, not what we want and not the source of all creation.

So in other words, if this is true, what really exists has to have all three of these elements: It has to be me, it has to be what I want and it has to be the source of all creation. If any one of these is missing then it doesn't exist.

A simple phrase to quickly help your brain to notice this is:


This phrase can help you notice that any possibility you imagine happening that you don't want to happen can't exist in reality because you don't want it, and once something comes into existence (whether you imagined you wanted it before it happened or not) is what you want because what you want is one of the qualities of the one thing that exists so imagining that you want something different in that moment doesn't make sense - you can go ahead with recognizing that you must want it and discover how.

I know this is kind of a brain twister because we're so used to thinking that every "thing" is separate, but try this out if you want and I'd love to hear what you experience. Thanks for reading!

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