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Is Your Future Being Stolen Out from Under You? Find Out in 9 Questions.

The next time you find yourself reacting to, responding to, writing or talking about any of the following issues, consider taking a moment to ask yourself these questions to find out if your future is being stolen out from under you.

Here are the issues:

Anything regarding the election

gun control

Muslim terror

The latest national security threat

The latest viewpoint of what is or is not politically correct

Here are the questions:

Am I 100% happy with how every area of my life is going right now?

Do I have proven systems in place that are consistently improving these areas of my life that do not require all my time, energy and focus?

Knowing that to consistently improve any area of my life, what’s required is that I consistently focus my attention, energy and time on discovering and implementing the things necessary to allow those improvements to happen, does it make sense for me to be spending my time, energy and focus on this right now?

Knowing that there are only so many years left in my life, so many months in each year, and so many hours in each day, is me focusing on this as much as I have been the best use of my time and energy?

Knowing that every moment I spend focusing on things that have no way of improving my life, I am missing valuable opportunities to create greater long term happiness for myself and those I care about, does it make sense for me to focus on this as much as I have been?

Do I believe that major corporations do make, and will continue to make, decisions that are, and will be, in my best interest and will help me to design my life closer to how I want it to be?

Knowing that at least 80% of all main stream media outlets are owned by only 5 major corporations, does it make sense for me to rely on them to choose for me what is important to spend my time, energy and focus on?

If I look objectively at the things I have said and written about these topics, how many of the words and phrases have I heard through main stream media outlets?

What might be possible in my life if I had more time, energy and attention to put towards creating my life the way I want it?


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