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Is Your Life Working for You or Against You? 4 Simple Steps that Put Life to Work for You Now

If you’ve ever wished life was easier, then this post is for you.

What if there was a way to make every difficult situation instantly start working for you instead of against you?

What if the more challenging the situation was, the harder it could immediately start to work to improve your life?

Would you be curious about how to do this?

Check out these 4 simple steps on how to put life to work for you now.

Let’s first take a look at what a problem or challenge really is.

A problem is nothing more than your current idea of yourself feeling threatened.

Think back to any problem you’ve had and you can discover that the reason it felt like a problem was that it was threatening in some way to your self concept at the time.

The bigger the problem, the more your idea of yourself felt threatened.

We can use this to our advantage and let life begin working for us anytime we experience a problem.

We can begin to use the experience of having certain types of problems as a way to evolve past the need for them in our lives.

Let’s take a look at the steps we go through when we experience a problem.

Step 1) You are there with your current idea of yourself

Step 2) A problem happens and your current idea of your self feels threatened

We then have three possible choices to make if you want to feel better:

Distract ourselves from our feelings

Change the circumstance to one with which we’ll feel better or

Discover how we are more than our current idea of our self

Again, a problem is nothing more than our current idea of our self feeling threatened.

When we choose option three, we allow ourselves the opportunity to not only eliminate the current problem, but also to eliminate all similar problems in the future. when we do this we move onto:

Step 3) Discover how you are more than your current idea of yourself

Step 4) You live with a new more unlimited idea of yourself. This eliminates the problem and all other problems like it.

The next time you experience a problem, try asking yourself these two questions to discover a more unlimited idea of yourself:

Question 1) “What image of myself is feeling threatened in this situation?”

Take a moment to discover what idea you have of yourself that is feeling threatened. It will usually be some kind of idea of how you are good in some way, like “I am smart” or “I am a nice person” or something like that.

Question 2) “How am I discovering I am more than this now?”

Allow yourself to explore how you can be now beyond the limiting idea of yourself you just discovered. Take the time to really feel the difference.

When we choose to discover how we are more than our current idea of ourselves, we are evolving. When we do this, we are instantly on the same team as life itself. We quickly discover how much life wants us to expand and is already helping us do that every day. Doing this puts life to work for us (as it has been all along).


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