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Life is More than Fair – Life is Gracious!

Let’s pretend for a second that we are timeless unlimited souls wearing temporary Earth suits we call bodies.

We’ve come to this 3 dimensional plane where we perceive things as separated from everything else for a specific reason.

Let’s pretend our timeless unlimited souls have come to this place for the purpose of honing our skill at making choices, specifically at choosing what is best. Our souls are here to align ourselves with what is best. So in other words, to want to choose what is best.

This 3 dimensional plane is the perfect practice environment because every ‘thing” seems to be completely separated from every “thing” else; so every choice appears to be a solid “yes” or a solid ‘no” choice.

Our Earth suits are wired to help us with this learning and honing process. Every choice that we make creates an immediate chemical reaction in this Earth suit. We call these chemical reactions emotions.

Every time we choose what is best, our Earth suit produces a chemical that creates an emotion that makes our Earth suit feel good. Every time we make the choice that is not best, our Earth suit produces a chemical that creates an emotion that makes our Earth suit not feel good.

If we are truly paying attention to how our bodies are feeling and not being distracted by the thoughts and images in our brains during every choice, we notice that these chemical signals are very clear, predictable and accurate and always tell us which choice is best.

In fact these chemical signals work even before we make a choice! Even by thinking about which choice to make and paying attention to our body’s reaction as we consider each one, we notice we get an emotional signal as to which choice feels best.

This requires us to pay attention to these chemical signals and to let go of any thought patterns and beliefs that are in the way of this process.

Let’s continue to consider that the 3 dimensional environment is always presenting us with the best opportunities to improve our choice making skill at every moment. Each moment is presenting you with the best opportunity to get better at choosing what is best right now.

The choice making skill of choosing what is best that we develop here on this plane will go with us into the next. This is why we timeless unlimited souls have come here: to develop this skill that will benefit us forever.

So no matter what we choose, each moment is giving us the best opportunity to accomplish what is most important.

The way that our souls get better at this skill is to be able to discern contrast. Our souls are getting better at knowing which is the best choice by being able to experience (feel) the result of each choice ahead of time and then to choose accordingly.

When we don’t pay attention to the emotional signals our Earth suits are giving us, often times here on this plane, we need to make the choice that is not best over and over again in order for us to experience enough contrast.

Once we have felt bad enough by making this same choice over and over again, we have built up enough contrast for us to not make the same choice again.

So whatever happens in life, we are either choosing what we want most (what is best) or we are getting something better- more of the contrast we need to never make that choice ever again.

So you either get what you want most in life or you get something even better!

So life is more than fair – life is gracious!

If you find yourself feeling bad about a particular choice but not sure what the best choice is, one question that can help you discover what the best choice might be is:

“What am I believing is not true in order to feel this way?”

The answer to this question can open your perception to the choice you have cut yourself off from.

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