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Life is Passing on Energy

Life is passing on Energy.

The quality of your life IS the quality of the energy you are passing on now.

Our culture teaches us that life is trying to survive and get the energy (how we want to feel) from things (which includes situations, an identity, etc); to see ourselves as consumers that are separate from life and that need to get what we need from beyond ourselves.

In fact you've probably felt for a very long time that the exact opposite is true.

We are in fact not just producers of energy, we are portals to all energy. You could say we are connected to life but more accurately we ARE life itself; there is no separation between us and life.

Life is all space, all energy, all time and all matter and we are that life experiencing itself through this body at this particular time in this particular place.

Our job on this planet is to bring as much life to the planet as possible through the "portal" or "doorway" that is our body at this time in this place.

The most selfish person on the planet, given enough time and enough experimenting, would eventually discover that the only way to get the energy they want (which is ultimately what everyone is after) for longer than just a few moments, is to pass it on.

Basically it is the recognition that you already have the energy you want and that your job here is to pass it on to everyone and everything every moment you are alive: that you are here to pass on as much life to the planet as possible for as long as you are here.

Through this recognition and you "acting" on it (you don't really have to do anything other than recognize it) you are given everything you need to continue doing this in the best ways AND you immediately get to experience all the energy that you were ultimately after through everything you were doing before this recognition.

Your experience will completely shift from trying to get the energy you want (to feel how you want to) from things beyond yourself, to immediately experiencing the energy you want (how you want to feel) without any effort or having to do anything in particular ever.

You can try this out in any moment you feel less than you want to by asking yourself:

"How am I (always) passing on the energy I want now?"

and noticing how your experience changes.

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