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Looking for an Answer? Your body knows.

The brain is always asking us three main questions: What do I focus on, what does it mean, and what do I do.

Most often we tend to look for the answers to those questions outside of ourselves or from the thoughts in our brain, but what if the very best answers were always available to us inside our body? What if we were able to simply look for them in the right place and could always get the best information possible to move forward in life in the best ways possible?

If you want, try this out:

By consciously asking yourself the three questions every so often and focusing your attention on three places on your body, you not only stop your brain from looking for an answer in your thoughts or from somewhere outside your body, you gain access to the energetic signals your body is always sending you.

The three areas of your body to focus on for each question are:

  1. "What do I focus on?" - Focus on your heart

  2. "What does it mean?" - Focus on your gut

  3. "What do I do?" - Focus on your groin

You could think of your heart as being your body's energy center, your gut being your body's meaning center (as in the phrase "trust your gut") and your groin being your body's creative action center for fulfilling your desires.

By translating the questions your brain is asking into language that your body can better make use of, it's easier to immediately "feel" your body's responses in a way that satisfies your brain. Try out these translations as you are focusing on each of the three areas:

  1. "What do I focus on?" - Focusing on your heart say - "My energy now"

  2. "What does it mean?" - Focusing on your gut say - "How's it feel?"

  3. "What do I do?" - Focusing on your groin say - "What do I want?"

By practicing this you are training your attention to find the answers to the three main questions your brain is always asking from the natural signals your body is always sending you. As you get more repetitions, you might discover how much you "feel" the answers as you're going about your day and how much simpler discovering the answers can be.

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