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New Playlist on YouTube: Permission to Be Awesome

Hi Everyone!

Through  discovering more about the process of growing happier in life, I’ve found that one of the key components is to experience, and allow each part of your life to continue to improve and grow.

We can be happy in any area simply by acting on or noticing any improvement in that area. To be happier at a higher level, simply working towards the ongoing improvement of that thing or that area improving is all that’s required.

One of the four main areas of life is what I’m calling the ART area of life. This area is simply about what you love to do most right now. If we allow ourselves to pay attention and act on what is most exciting to us now and the we share that excitement with others, then we are working towards this area of our life improving. Over time, you might find that certain patterns emerge as you continue to explore what’s most exciting to you now, and you might find your activity  becoming more creative. If you allow yourself to share the results and the excitement you are feeling, you might discover that the results of your exploring what’s most exciting to you can allow other people to be happier as well.

This area of life is what some might call discovering and living your life’s purpose. I’m finding that discovering and living your life’s purpose is an ongoing process that you can’t really “know” until you keep exploring it and sharing the feeling of it.  It can can be as simple as these two steps every day:

1) Explore what’s most exciting to you now and

2) Share the excitement you are feeling with others

So as part of my ongoing exploration in the ART area of my life,  I’ve just uploaded a new playlist of 7 songs from the CD “Permission to Be Awesome”  to my YouTube channel where you can listen whenever you’d like.

Thanks for listening!


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