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New Song “Better World” and Thought For The Day:

Thought for the Day:

I bet 90% of all stress is due to hanging onto this one assumption: “Things are not perfect”. We usually don’t think that we are assuming this but just stop and notice today as you are doing whatever, how much you are assuming that things are not perfect. I know in my case, this assumption was driving a lot of my activity; it certainly was driving how I approached doing a lot of things.

So what if we’re wrong about this? I mean we can only perceive a super super small amount of what’s really going on and then we pile a constant stream of meaningless and distorted thoughts in front of our experience, so a very small amount of what’s really happening actually gets through into our experience.

What if beyond all this, things are actually perfect all the time? If we were able to perceive what was really happening beyond our filtering process, would we notice that everything that actually is happening is perfect all the time?

I got really curious about this yesterday and thought, if this is really true, then what if we operated from the assumption that everything is perfect (rather than the opposite assumption) and then just work backwards from there anytime we experience something as not perfect?

In my experience so far, this is a way more empowering, peaceful and fun place to live.

If you want to try this out, here are 2 questions and 1 statement to say to yourself anytime you experience something as less than perfect. See if they make a difference in your levels of peace and fun today.

1) How am I not noticing all is perfect now?

2) What am I focusing on instead?

3) Notice this is being created by the energy I am choosing (to experience) now.

Here’s a new mix of the song Better World we just finished for one of the upcoming CDs. I’ve been working with Pete Weaver on the final mixes – he is awesome!


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