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New Song “Everything Is Changing Now” + Your Key to Lasting Happiness

Here’s a new song called “Everything Is Changing Now” coming out on the new CD “Demo-licious Volume 2” next week!

There are 2 main things in life:

1) The STUFF and


The STUFF is all the people, places, things, ideas and circumstances you experience in your life.

The ENERGY is what all the stuff is made of. You can best experience the ENERGY through your feelings.

You can instantly know what kind of ENERGY you are choosing by noticing how you are feeling in any given moment.

The better the ENERGY, the better the STUFF.

The STUFF is made of the ENERGY.

You have total choice over what ENERGY you bring into your experience every moment.

Sometimes the STUFF that shows up in your experience is there to help you more easily choose the ENERGY you want.

Sometimes bad STUFF is there to help you to more clearly notice the ENERGY you want to choose; just like putting a black background behind a white dot, you can notice it more clearly.

Sometimes the idea of good STUFF or bad STUFF in the future can distract you from choosing the ENERGY you want in the present.

All your problems come from you believing that STUFF has the power to change the ENERGY you experience.

STUFF has no power by itself though.

The only thing that can ever change the ENERGY you experience is you choosing different ENERGY.

When it appears as if some STUFF is changing the ENERGY you experience, what is really happening is you are choosing different ENERGY because you are still believing that the STUFF has that power over you.

The STUFF isn’t what is changing the ENERGY though; it is your choice that actually changes the ENERGY.

Your key to lasting happiness is knowing through your experience that no STUFF ever has the power to change the ENERGY you experience – that you always have 100% total choice over what ENERGY you choose to experience no matter what STUFF shows up.

And if you also know that the better the ENERGY, the better the STUFF, you will never have any reason to ever choose ENERGY that is less than what you want.



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