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Scientific (Proof ?): Fun is the Only Reason to Do Anything

Science has been steadily proving that all matter is made of energy.

You can learn from your experience that the best predictions, the best ideas, the best actions and the best results all come from you being in the best energy possible.

If you think back over your life, you can notice, the better energy you are experiencing in any moment, the better all of the above things will be.

The best energy possible feels like effortless excitement, or in other words, feels like FUN!

The biggest hindrance to experiencing the energy of effortless excitement is holding expectations. Holding expectations in your mind while you are doing any activity blocks the natural flowing of the energy of excitement by pulling your attention away from the energy happening in the moment and focusing it on thoughts about what could happen sometime in the future.

No matter how great the thoughts about what could happen might be, the experience of them can never compare with the feeling of effortless excitement that is always happening right now.

Experts in every field know that to get truly great results, there is a time when you have to let go of focusing on expectations so that your attention is available to focus on the energy of effortless excitement, or FUN, happening in the moment.

If you are doing something for any reason other than to experience effortless excitement right now, you are holding onto an expectation of some kind.

So the thought for the day is:

If you do anything for any reason other than to have fun right now, you are having an experience that is less than it could be.

How would your experience be different if you decided to do exactly the same activities that you normally do, minus any expectations about what those activities might bring you in the future?

In other words, what would it feel like if you decide to do everything you do today for no other reason than to experience as much FUN as possible through doing it?


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