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Shifting Uncertainty to Increasing Positivity

Here are a few thoughts that I've been super excited to experiment with lately that may be shifting our experience to an even better place simply by trying them.

Imagine that in reality there is only INCREASING GOOD; that at the core of everything only increasing good exists and anything we experience that appears to be other than this is our brain's mislabeled interpretation of reality. So all we are and all everything is, is increasing good and anything that appears to be less than that is simply a thought inaccurately telling us otherwise.

Now imagine that there is actually no separation between what we have been thinking of as "us" and what we have been thinking is "what we experience" - it is all one thing and that one thing is INCREASING GOOD. So we wake up each day with only this on our mind: noticing "this is all me and I am all this" and "how is good increasing now?"

Now imagine we go into every situation with this experience knowing "this is increasing good" whatever the situation is, and our only job each moment is to discover how is good increasing and to decide how we want to participate.

What decisions might you make differently in this scenario? How would it feel to experiment with this?

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