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Song of the Day “Crazy Guess

Crazy Guess

© 2012 Andy Harrison

You were the one who had it

Had it all in line

I made you laugh with my

Bad jokes 3, dollar wine

You set the course and I had

Nothin’ better planned

It was just a matter of time

‘For the crashing waves hit the sand

Crashing waves hit the sand


I’m letting you go

Let whatever be

Plans that we made

I’ll set them free

Look at what’s here

I’ll do my best

The future ahead

A crazy guess

Maybe you’ll go back to

The place where you grew up

Look for that guy there

Where the lightning once struck

I can’t be thinkin’ ‘bout that

Wind’s blowin’ much too strong

And in my head keeps swirling

This simple brand new song

Simple brand new song


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