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The 3 Simplest Steps to Being Happy with Something

Sometimes the only thing in the way of us being happy with something is our own requirements that we have put on it.

Often times, without even realizing it, we can unconsciously require that a situation be a particular way before we will allow ourselves to be (and feel) how we want in the situation.

These requirements most often come from our past and what we have grown to believe about how things “should” be in certain types of situations and they are usually the root cause of us being unhappy with the situation in the first place.

Sometimes simply becoming aware of what requirements we have put on a situation and deciding to no longer require them, is all it takes for us to become happy with the situation.

If this sounds like it might apply to something going on in your life, try these 3 ultra simple steps and see if they improve your experience.

Step 1: Think of a situation you wish was different and ask yourself:

“What am I requiring of this situation in order to be how I want to be with or in it?”

This could be something like “I’m requiring that the person treats me with more respect” or “I’m requiring that my job pays me more money” etc.

Step 2: Let go of the requirement and decide that you being how you want to be is more important than this requirement happening. Decide you will always choose to be how you want to be in this situation from now on, whether this former requirement of yours happens or not.

Step 3: Notice how you feel about the situation now. You may have to go through the steps several times to discover and let go of all your requirements before you feel 100%. Also discovering and letting go of any requirement you have put on yourself in the situation can be helpful too.

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