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The 5 Steps of Creation

What if there was a simple 5 step formula that you could use to create anything you want in your life?

What if you have already used this formula many times in your life but have simply overlooked a few of the distinctions of what you were doing so it never became obvious that you could apply it to anything else?

Would you want to know what the 5 steps were and what those distinctions were so you could use it to create more of anything you want?

Read through the following analogy and discover whether or not you feel the “ah-ha!” of what you’ve known all along and the “Wow!” of knowing how to apply this to anything you want to create or improve upon in your life:

Let’s pretend you decide you’d like to bake some muffins starting from scratch and let’s walk through the steps you would take.

Step 1: Receive the inspirational idea. (You get the idea that you want to bake some muffins).

Step 2: Get the mold. (For this analogy you would get out your muffin tin – you know the pan with the holes in it where the muffins go)

Step 3: Pour in the ingredients. (You mix the batter and pour it into your muffin tin).

Step 4: Let it bake just the right amount. (You’ll make sure you check it enough but also leave it alone enough so that it can cook just the right amount).

Step 5: Enjoy it and share it. (You eat some and share the rest)

Depending on the recipe, you might toggle back and forth between steps 3 and 4. Sometimes while the muffins are baking, you will take them out temporarily and add additional ingredients, spread butter on the top, etc. and then put them back in to finish baking. The idea is steps 3 and 4 are kind of a dance where you do your part when it’s time and then let time do it’s part. Often, this will be a back and forth process several times.

So how can we use the same basic idea of these steps to apply to anything? Let’s find out:

Step 1: Receive the inspirational idea.

Before you take action of any kind (unless it’s a reflex) it has to be preceded by a thought. We are receiving ideas all the time otherwise we would never do anything. The energy state we are in at any given moment determines the thoughts we have access to. The better energy we are experiencing, the better ideas we get. If we choose to experience better energy, we also choose to have access to better ideas about what we can do. When you choose to be in the best energy you will get the most inspiring ideas about what you can create.

Step 2: Get the mold.

Before an idea can come into physical existence, the energy that creates it has to be given some organizational direction; it has to know how to form. Just like the muffin batter needs to have a mold to become a muffin, so does the energy that creates a new thing of any kind. You as the one in charge of bringing this idea into physical existence must first create the mold.

The mold is an energetic mold, not a physical one. You create the energetic mold by experiencing the energy state that you want whatever it is you are creating to FEEL like for the ENTIRE process until it is finished. What I mean is, you will choose to experience the ENERGY that you want the thing to bring you more of while you are going through all the 5 steps.

This step is very important as you are giving the energy that is creating the new thing the direction it needs. Just like the muffin batter needs the muffin tin to remain solid in place through all the steps until the muffins are completely done (you can image what the result would look like if your muffin tin fell apart half way through), the energy of creation needs you to keep experiencing the energetic mold – the ENERGY you want the finished result to FEEL like –  through all the steps as well.

Step 3: Pour in the ingredients.

Once you have the mold (are experiencing the energy you want the finished thing to feel like), all the ingredients will appear at the right time in the right amounts as long as you stay open to the process and remember to not allow the mold to fall apart.

All the right ingredients will appear to you as the next most exciting thing to do. Even if it doesn’t appear that the next most exciting thing to do relates to the things you are creating – it does. Just keep doing the next most exciting thing and those are the right ingredients in the right amounts at the right time as long as the mold is there.

Step 4: Let it bake just the right amount.

You will let time “bake” the thing for just the right amount. Again this may be a back and forth process between steps 3 and 4 as you will be adding ingredients and then allowing time to do it’s part to ‘bake” it and then back and forth until it’s finished.

How do you know how long to let it “bake”? The energetic mold will tell you. By paying attention to how the process is FEELING, you will be noticing whether what you are doing is allowing you to remain in that energy or taking you out of the energy. Your job is to keep the mold intact so stop doing anything that feels like it’s taking you out of the energy you want the finished thing to bring you more of and conversely, do more of what seams to be adding to the feeling.

Using this technique of FEELING how each action or inaction you take aligns with the energetic mold, you can freely experiment with doing different things, adding different ingredients etc to discover more of what works best and you have a way to instantly know what your best choices are because you will FEEL it immediately. Experts in every field call this “trusting your gut” or “following your instincts”.

Step 5: Enjoy it and share it.

I don’t think this step needs any explanation other than to say that when you go through this process with anything there is a natural feeling of gratitude and a desire to want to share the good energy you have brought into the world with others. After all you have just completed a project with the force of all creation itself and this is a completely joyous experience!


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