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The 5 Steps to Begin Living Your Perfect Life Now

Write down your answers to each of the following questions and take each step. You will then be living your exact road map to get from where you are now to living your perfect life. You can choose one area of your life or one thing in your life to do this with, or you can choose your entire life to do this with.

Step 1: Discover what perfect is to you now.

Ask yourself : “If things were perfect, what would things look/be like?

Imagine all of it.

Step 2: Discover the energy of perfect and choose it now.

Ask yourself:

“If things were perfect, how would I want to feel now?”

Feel it in your entire body now.

Step 3: Discover the Identity of perfect and be it now.

Ask yourself: If things were perfect (and I was feeling the way I want), how would I be as a person? What are all the qualities I would have?

Begin experiencing yourself as this person now.

Step 4: Discover the system of perfect and launch it now.

Ask yourself: “If things were perfect, what would I be doing on a regular basis?

What would I no longer be doing?”

Create a plan and commit to begin doing all the things you wrote down for question one, and to stop doing all the things you wrote down for question two immediately.

Step 5: Discover what to do next to begin living your perfect life now.

Ask yourself: “If things were perfect, but then started to look like they do now, what would be the first five things, in order, that I would do to get things back to perfect?”

Begin taking these five steps now.

You might discover in taking these steps that as you are moving towards what you are currently thinking of as perfect right now, as you continue to learn and grow, often times your perfect life is even closer, easier and better than you are imagining right now!

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