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The Amazing 3 Steps to Living a Life of Adventure

If you're feeling like your life is less than an adventure and you'd 
like to add more excitement to it,it may be way simpler than booking 
a trip or jumping out of an airplane. Try out these 3 amazingly simple steps and discover the adventure 
that's already in your life now. Step 1) Remember that your brain is creating your reality and thus how 
your life feels every day. The way we feel about our life is ONLY a 
result of the meaning that our brain is giving to what we experience
 – not what is actually happening. The one assumption that often times 
keeps our life from feeling like an adventure is we assume that when 
things don't turn out as expected, that means they will be worse. 
This assumption is no more accurate than any other assumption and in
many cases will create that reality in your life. Step 2) Carry this one assumption with you:

“Different than expected is better than projected”
“Different than expected is better than projected”
“Different than expected is better than projected” Step 3) Anytime something happens that is different than you expected, 
set off on the adventure of discovering how “different than expected is 
better than projected” this time. How is what is happening better than 
what you had expected? What is possible now that this has happened that 
was not possible before? What things could happen now because of this 
that are better than what you were thinking? Simply by changing this one assumption you can notice how much adventure 
there is in your life already everyday! -Andy
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