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The Problem With the World is The “I” Box

All the problems in the world have only one root cause. This root cause is behind every problem humans have ever faced and are currently facing now.

If enough people fully understand and let go of this root cause within themselves, then the problems that currently exist will simply vanish.

The root cause of all the world’s problems is what I’m calling the “I” box.

The “I” box is the result of a mistake that the human brain makes when it begins to label what you perceive with your 5 senses.

When you are an infant, your 5 senses are perceiving the world without your brain labeling anything. Your attention is focused only on the perceiving itself and so you are experiencing the world as it really is because you can’t do anything else yet.

As you begin to grow up, your brain starts creating divisions between things and putting labels on them. You start learning to perceive separate things and learning what to call those separate things.

As soon as your brain has a label for a thing, it stops paying full attention to the perceptions and puts more of your attention on your brain’s idea of what it has labeled that thing to be.

For example, when you are an infant and you see a door, you would actually see the energy of that door being exchanged with everything else in the room and not see a separated thing from anything else. When you get a little older and know the word “door”, the door would look solid and you would simply see it once, call it a door in your brain, and stop paying any more attention to it.

The label that has the most impact on our lives is the label of ourselves; the label “I”.

When we develop the label for what our brain thinks “I” is, we stop paying full attention to the perceptions of actually experiencing this moment. We call ourselves “I” in our brain and stop paying attention to what we are actually experiencing. We treat ourselves the same way we treat a door.

When we were an infant, before we had the label “I”, we experienced ourselves as limitless energy being exchanged with everything else. Once the label “I” is there, we check in with our experience briefly once in a while, see ourselves as solid and then stop paying attention to what is actually happening.

I call the label “I” the “I” box because it’s as if we have a box in our brain in which we put our ideas about what our brain has decided we are.

This is the root cause of every problem in our own lives and it is also the root cause of every problem that all humans face as a species.

If we looked at a brief history of the “I” box, it might go something like this:

Once upon a time humans started to develop the habit of forming an “I” box in their brains. They stopped paying attention to who they really were (which means they stopped paying attention to the experience of what was really happening in each moment) and instead started putting all kinds of crazy ideas into their “I” box about who they thought they were.

Some humans put the idea that they couldn’t do anything into their “I” box. Others put the idea that they could do anything into their “I” box and everything in between. All of the people were wrong because the “I” box wasn’t real.

After a while, some of the humans that had put the idea that they could do anything into their “I” box found out they could get more stuff by using other people’s “I” boxes against them.

These humans would instigate the differences in the other people’s “I” boxes to their own advantage. While the other people were fighting with each other, these humans would use the opportunity to steal all their most valuable stuff.

And that brings us up to our current time in history.

If your interested in more on this and discovering how you can live beyond your “I” box, check out the free Everything Is Changing Now video workshop on my website:


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