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The Thrive Movie Basics in a Quick Read Format:


A small group of people are working towards a goal of being in complete control of the planet.


They are private bank owners including the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, and Morgan families and others.


They believe:

1) They are different, separate from and better than the rest of the population. 2) They have the right to be in control. 3) Their being in control is the best thing for the world. 4) Their control is more important than anything else including the lives of anyone who gets in the way of it.


They secretly take control of every system, movement and idea using the following steps:

1) A new system, movement or idea comes into being 2) They ask this question: “How do we use this to get more control?” 3) They generate possible options to co-opt it (influence it in a way that gives them more control) or they determine that they cannot use it. 4) If they have decided they can use it, they implement their best option(s) to co-opt it. If they have determined that they cannot use it, they implement a plan to suppress it, to attack it, to hide it or to kill it.


They have been working on this plan for several generations.


They are implementing this plan in every country and on every continent of the planet.

Why haven’t I heard of this before or wanted to look further into this before?

There are 2 main reasons:

1) Up until recently this small group has managed to keep control of enough of the sources where people get information from to keep it hidden from most people.

2) When most people are confronted with evidence of this, they have 6 main belief barriers that keep them from accepting this idea. They are:

1) They don’t believe anyone would do such a thing 2) They don’t believe anyone could do such a thing 3) They don’t believe that they themselves would fall for this happening 4) They aren’t willing to recognize or to give up what they see as benefits to  themselves in not believing it 5) They don’t believe that they themselves can do anything about it

So what do I do now?

That is the best question. Visit

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