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The Two Ways You Can Start Your Day -Above the Line or Below the Line

The Conscious Leadership Group website has a video that offers a great metaphor to determine if you are living consciously or not. They call living consciously living “above the line” and living unconsciously as “living below the line”. You can check out their site and the video here:

I love this way of putting it because it gives you a very clear way to visualize the one distinction that can completely shift your experience. Learning how to live above the line can literally be the difference between living a life of frustration and overwhelm to living a life of total happiness.

In the stuff I’m doing, I describe living above the line as focusing more of your attention on the energy than on the stuff.

When we are living above the line we are literally putting more of our attention on the energy flowing through our body’s energy field in that moment and less on the stuff ( the million different things in our environment and the million potential thoughts running through our head).

Developing the simple skill of shifting your attention more towards the energy and less towards the stuff in any moment you choose to, gives you the ability to instantly shift your experience toward more happiness anytime you want to. You gain the skill to live above the line in any moment you choose to.

The two ways you can start your day are below the line or above the line.

The below the line experience of waking up to a new day is:

Here’s me.

And here’s all the stuff I have to deal with.

The stuff feels overwhelming and unending. Sometimes it feels good, but a lot of the time it doesn’t.

The above the line experience of waking up to a new day is:

Here’s this infinite space of which I am part of or am one with.

And here’s all the stuff that is always changing within this space that I can interact with in any way I choose to or not.

The space feels completely alive and overflowing with value, love, power, beauty and happiness. The stuff feels like fun because I get to choose what I interact with and how I interact with it.

Anytime that it doesn’t feel good, I learn that I have fallen below the line, so it gives me a greater understanding of what triggers my attention away from the energy; so I have then increased my ability to live more above the line in the future.


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