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There is Only One Purpose to Living

There is only one purpose to living and that purpose is to awake to the fact that there is only one purpose. Once you know that, life is choice-less and there's nothing more you have to accomplish. There is only life's purpose, no other individual's purposes. You just do whatever is next to stay in alignment with life's purpose.

There's nothing to know, learn, figure out or make, you just do what's next to stay aligned with life. In doing this you feel completely fulfilled. You feel excited and things feel effortless. You know immediately when you are not completely aligned with life's purpose if you feel less than perfect.

The purpose of life is simply for the effortless excitement to keep moving. If you don't feel excited and if things don't feel effortless, you are not as aligned with life as you could be. Simply by removing the "person" from living you will be allowing the effortless excitement to keep flowing.

Take the singer out of your singing.

Take the partner out of relating to your significant other.

Take the friend out of relating to your friends.

Take the worker out of doing your work.

Take the artist out of creating art.

Take the business person out of growing a business.

Take the person out of living and just focus on letting the effortless excitement keep moving.

This is all that's required to be in alignment with life's purpose which is the only purpose and which might be the only way to be completely happy for more than a short time


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