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They Say Nothing in Life is Guaranteed But That’s Not True

You ever wonder how anyone could ever find lasting peace in a world full of chaos and uncertainty?

When it seams like you can’t count on anything, how is it someone could experience ongoing inner peace? Yet some do.

Well maybe at least part of the reason is that they have expanded their awareness just slightly to include something that actually doesn’t change. To something they can actually count on to always be there no matter how chaotic and uncertain things get.

Perhaps by being consistently aware of this one thing that doesn’t change which they can always feel certain about, they get to experience ongoing peace.

So what is this one thing?

If you think about it the one thing that is guaranteed to always be here no matter what, is the awareness of what you are noticing in each moment.

No matter what happens, no matter how chaotic or uncertain any events or circumstances might ever be, as long as “you” are here (the real “you” which is not your body, your story or your ideas about what the future might be like), the awareness you experience of all you are noticing in each moment will be here.

This is the one thing that never changes – the noticing itself; the process of you noticing.

By putting some of your attention on the process of you noticing all that is happening, you are being aware of perhaps the only thing that can ever provide lasting peace. The only thing that doesn’t change.

Any time you are not feeling peaceful, you might find that you were not being aware of your process of noticing. Then as soon as you notice this, you instantly feel more peace.

Perhaps experiencing ongoing inner peace is as simple as developing the skill of consistently putting some of your attention on the process of your noticing all that is happening each moment.

Just a slight expansion of your awareness to include not just the events, thoughts and feelings you experience, but now to also include the process of you noticing all these things as well.

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