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Thought for the Day:

What if you are already living your perfect life right now?

What if you already have the perfect relationships, the perfect work situation, perfect health and the perfect purpose?

What if any time it doesn’t feel perfect it’s simply because you have been getting in the way of it coming out and being what it naturally wants to be?

What if all joy is simply the discovery process itself and not in any particular result?

For any part of your life, what if your job is to simply let it come out and be what it already wants to be now?

What if you simply stopped trying to predict what it might turn into, simply stopped trying to make it into something other than what it already is now, and simply stopped expecting any of it to make you happy ever and just let it come out and discover what it is being right now? What if this allowed you to notice how perfect it is right now?

What if you find you already are completely happy when you are focused on discovering what is happening now and that is always more than enough?

What if you living your perfect life is simply you discovering what your life already wants to be now, which is exactly how it is now?


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