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Thought for the Day: How to Change Your Life Forever: Noticing that “I am”

The noticing of “I am” is the purest experience of our self and our life that we can have. The noticing that we simply exist.

Every other experience is a subset of this main experience.

When we notice that “I am” – period, without adding any other ideas to it, we are experiencing the simple, pure truth of our existence.

Noticing that “I am” (I’m saying “I am” because that’s how we experience it; it’s the closest thing to what we would say to our self if we were saying something to our self as we experience it) is the only real truth of ourselves.

Every other additional idea – or any other word we might add to the phrase “I am”, is a choice, and this choice becomes reality for us as soon as we make it.

Whatever we assume “we are” becomes real for us and we experience ourselves and our life through that assumption.

“I am not good at relationships”, or “I am awesome at relationships”, “I am terrible with money” or I am really good with money” are all examples of ideas we add onto the truth that “I am” through our choice.

We always have the ability to hit the reset button on any assumption and let it go if we discover that it’s not making our life better.

By simply remembering that “I am” – period, from there, we can choose whatever additional ideas we want to add to “I am” if we want to, or simply let the assumptions that are no longer useful disappear in the simple truth that “I am”.


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